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Santos Futebol Clube 2010 Update Seara

Postado por Müller Bento sexta-feira, março 19, 2010 Marcadores:

New GK

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Nicolas disse...

tnak you but i would like to have the kits with the logo "go.VISA" and "LUPO"

like this photo: http://mullerbento.blogspot.com/2010/02/santos-futebol-clube-update-preview.html

Müller Bento disse...

Unfortunately I do not know where I can get this kit =/

Nicolas disse...

why? it isn't your kit?
thanks anyway

Müller Bento disse...

It is my rather more have I deletei it from my PC ...

Nicolas disse...

ok really sad, coz i prefer with those logo..
can you make this santa fe kit please?

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